Washing Instructions

To preserve the materials and foils or embellishments of your Gold Water Wear garment, it is best to perform a quick hand wash of your leotard placing it inside out, in a basin with cold water, using a mild hand wash detergent.

We do not recommend machine washing your garment as this will affect the foils and cause the shimmer to fade.

Please hang your Gold Water Wear leotard to dry on a thick hanger. Do not tumble dry, wring, lay flat or fold when wet. Please note that with repeated Wear and washing, it is natural for garments to gradually dull over time.

Please keep in mind that your garment is not suitable to soak for any period of time nor should fabric softener, bleach or any other harsh detergents be used as this will most likely damage the material and we can not accept responsibility for misuse or neglecting to follow these instructions.

Please note that with repeated wear and washing it is natural for foils to gradually dull over time but by observing these washing instructions you will prolong the life of your garment.